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"Zeinet" is one of the leaders in the field of automation of technological processes on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main direction of our activity is development and implementation of automated control systems for technological processes in the oil and gas, metallurgy, mining and energy industries, as well as industrial construction. Zeinet is in the rating of the 500 largest companies engaged in system integration according to National Business magazine, and up to now we remain leaders in terms of the quality of performed works and achievements regarding the service provision. We have implemented more than 390 projects in various fields of activity, our customers are large industrial enterprises, such as: KazTransOil JSC, KazTransGas JSC, GE Oil & Gas, Kazakhmys Corporation and many others.

Zeinet LLP started its activity in 2001, and is being a "pioneer" in the field of automation services in the market of Kazakhstan. One of the first customers was the Siemens AG company Karlsruhe, for which the installation work had been performed, as well as the commissioning of the automation system for oil heating furnaces for JSC KazTransOil. - 2002 Foundation of Zeinet Caspio LLP, with subsequent re-registration to Zeinet East in 2012. - 2003 The opening of a representative office in Astana took place. - 2004 - Establishment of a branch office in Zhezkazgan city. - 2005 Zeinet CAD LLP (design organization) has been founded - 2007 - the opening of the joint venture TOO "Zeinet & SSE"

Our mission is to provide customers high quality services in the field of industrial automation and construction. By using modern technologies and experience of our specialists, our company renders the widest range of services, and has successfully implemented more than 250 unique infocommunication and engineering systems based on our own technological developments. An individual approach to the business of our Clients allows us to develop and implement exactly that system which will operate effectively and help the Customer in solving necessary tasks in sphere of his activities.

Since the company was founded, the company has taken a course to implement high-quality services, therefore we pay special attention to the quality management system. Constantly raising the achievement- bar, our aims are: our consumer to be satisfied with the result of the our work; experienced staff and decent evaluation of their work; relations with suppliers and partners to be strengthened. We realize that our field of activity is closely integrated into the environment, so we are trying to use advanced and generally environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies. We pay our focus to HSE and OHSAS principles. We have confirmed our compliance with the quality management standards, having passed the certification: Quality Management System certificate ISO 9001:2015 Environmental Management System certificate ISO 14001:2015 OHSAS 18001:2007

Our Services

Equipment procurement and supply

Thanks to a long, close cooperation with our partners, we are able to supply the equipment to the Clients in the shortest possible time and for reasonable prices. Our company works with the largest, proven manufacturers of the market. All equipment that will be used for implementation, has a quality certificate and meets all the requirements given to it.

Construction and installation work

We carry out all types of construction and installation works, according to Customer needs. By work of our highly qualified engineers and construction workers, we can guarantee quality and responsible approach to any facility. All the works are made in accordance with the construction standards and are surrendered at a predetermined time.

Development of application software

Creation of individual software is an excellent opportunity for the Client to get exactly what is necessary for successful work. Many of our customers have already managed to evaluate all the advantages that software development has to order, because as a result they received a quality product that can significantly save time and effort for document management, reporting and other "paper" work.

Project management

The knowledge and experience of our employees, the use of modern methods and tools to our projects allow us to meet any customers requirements, and to justify his expectations for the final result of the project.

Consulting services

Get comprehensive information and qualified assistance on any issues related to projects, you will be assisted by experienced employees who will orient in the choice of our services and make decisions about the modernization of your company. Our specialists, having extensive experience and are able to maintain equipment of various vendors, can provide technical support and support for third-party systems. The accumulated experience and competence in the management of large projects, we also provide outsourcing services of management specialists.

Warranty / service

After commissioning, it is very important to control the system and equipment in time to prevent a malfunction and to eliminate losses. Our specialists carry out maintenance of whole project and of control systems ; carry out scheduled maintenance work.


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Our Projects


С-376 Reconstruction of the automated process control system for a 2x45 MW gas turbine power plant at the Kalamkas field

С-377 Increase of throughput capacity of the CQCS at the Kenkiyak HOPS and Kumkol HOPS

С-378 SCADA hardware and software update, including reconstruction of the control room of the Main Dispatch Office. 2nd start-up complex


С-352 Modernization of the power supply system of linear valve units of the "Kenkiyak-Atyrau" oil pumping station

С-357 Integration of SCADA systems of the main oil pipeline "Kenkiyak-Atyrau" and SCADA of JS "KazTransOil" in main dispatch office Nur-Sultan

С-360 Integration of SCADA systems of the Kenkiyak-Atyrau main oil pipeline and TAP Central Control Center in Beijing

С-362 Work on the development of a technical design for modernization APCS Gas turbine power plant

С-374 Construction of the facility "Reserve oil metering system at the acceptance points of the Uzen-Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline"С-336 2017 Modernization of the system for measuring the quantity and quality of oil at the CQCS Kenkiyak oil pumping station of the Kenkiyak-Atyrau main oil pipeline


С-337 SCADA hardware and software update, including reconstruction of the control room of the Main Dispatch Office.

С-338 Updating the system software for the AC800F PLC at the facilities of KazTransOil JS

С-341 Development of design documentation, supply, installation and commissioning of the CP-440 control panel within the framework of the project "modernization of the UKPG-1/2. Phase 2"

С-346 Technical and service maintenance of equipment, software of a security and perimeter alarm complex with a video surveillance system of the linear part of the Kenkiyak-Atyrau oil trunk pipelineС-322 2016 Electrical installation work under the project "COGF. V-100 gas separator at UKPG-1/2"


С-324 Provision of services for the maintenance of the system for measuring the quantity and quality indicators of oil "Mangyshlak" and "Martyshi"

С-328 Updating the hardware of automation systems and control and measuring devices of facilities of the Western branch of KazTransOil JS

С-330 Installation of software systems IP MPLS, IP TC, TETRA on the section of the new railway line Shalkar-Beyneu

С-332 Design and survey work on the development of a working project "Reserve metering system at the acceptance points of the Uzen-Atyrau-Samara oil pipeline"

С-333 Implementation of automated control systems, installation of SCADA system equipment for the Kenkiyak-Atyrau oil trunk pipeline


С-320 Provision of services for the modernization of the information exchange system between CPC-K and JSC Karachaganak Petroleum Operating B.V.

C-297 "Work on the installation of the process equipment (construction of acceptance points (Oil receiving - delivery point) to 1235 km (1237 km) of oil pipeline Uzen-Atyrau-Samara)"


C-282 "Reconstruction and expansion of OPS (oil pumping station) 663"


C-251 "Supply, installation and commissioning of equipment for the project ATX section"


C-242 "Work on the construction site facilities station Beyneu station Tassay"


C-206 "Supply of eqipment, Construction - assembly works and comissioning works on sections:" Automation of production technology (APT), "Automatic fire alarm (AFA)," Video Surveillance System (VSS), "GAS (GO)," Power equipment (PE) and "Wastewater treatment Plant (Automation of production technology (APT))"


C-194 "First stage and second stages of construction oil Kazakhstan-China - Kenkyak -Kumkol"


C-137 "Supply, Construction - assembly work and commissioning works on introduction of Variable-Frequency Drive Main treatment facility "Kigach" "KazTransOil" JSC"


C-70 "Integrated automation of technological processes in the production branch "UMG"


C-34 "Replacing the automatic control system of gas compressor units and focal point at COP "Chizh" ( Main gas pipelines entity "Uralsk")"


С-22 "Reconstruction of Beineu gas metering station"


State license No. 003710

for design and survey activities in the field of architectural, town-planning and construction activities. Department of State Architectural and Construction Control of Almaty city dated 04.04.2011

State license No. 000044

for engaging in installation, adjustment and maintenance of alarm equipment, except for activities in the performance of construction and installation works. Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 25.06.2010

State license No. 0003688

for engaging in activities: design, installation, repair of explosion-proof electrical equipment. Committee on State Energy Supervision of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 29.03.2010

State license No. 04609

for construction and installation works in the sphere of architectural, town-planning and construction activities. Department of State Architectural and Construction Control of Almaty city dated 27.03.2001

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